Sunday, February 19, 2012

While preachers preach

I get very cynical about lots of things, one of them is religion.  So I began to watch Whitney Houston's funeral with a heavy heart.  I wasn't a fan , though I enjoyed "I will always love you" for it's sheer brilliance.

I am also wary of preachers, having listened to enough hell and damnation in my youthful Catholic education. It was a great surprise then when I found myself choking up as I listened to Pastor Marvin Winan's sermon. He got my attention by thanking Mom for having the service in that neighborhood church in New Jersey. He got me on the edge of my seat when he told the world that if they didn't understand some of his language " well he ain't talking to you any way!, and he inspired awe as I marvelled at his delivery.

It was a theatrical tour de force, and a masterclass in holding an audience in the palm of the hand.

My last thought is that if I'd been in his church as a kid maybe I wouldn't have lost my religion.

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