Wednesday, July 4, 2012

all that foreign oil controlling american soil

It's been an interesting day for news, what with Bob Diamond having such an easy ride from the House of Commons Select Committee, and the Higgs Bosun particle making a very small wave in the sum of things.  I'm sure that the two items aren't connected,  but then again if Mr Diamond's body contains a few Higgs Bosun's I wonder how much tax will they be paying and will the trail go back to Gordon Brown's front door ?

I was, however, more animated by the "Grauniad" piece that the high priest of the environment, George Monbiat (Here) wrote yesterday.  George tells us,with some apprehension that the oil is not going to run out as quickly as predicted.  Now all of you driving Range Rovers may breathe a sigh of relief, and some of you living in, say,  Brighton may not.   Those of you in Blackpool, and I cherish  some of my most devoted readers in that part of Lancashire, ( Hilda of St Lytham St Annes  and Mabel of Poulton Le Fylde much as I love those sponge cakes, my wife is beginning to smell a bakery) will be concerned that the fracking for shale gas that caused a small earth tremor is only the start of our problems.

George Monbiot and James Delingpole of the Telegraph seem to have some wierd "thing" going on. No fracking going on Here then.

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