Wednesday, June 20, 2012

But the second mother was with the seventh son

 I received an email from an old school mate today, in response to memories of the 1969
Isle of White festival.  Pete was captain of the football team and also a Dylan fanatic,  I believe he was at the Odeon concert on the "Judas tour".  This is what he put in his email 

"Was delivering bread for Hawleys that weekend in 69…. on a  round in Sheldon/Yardley….had already seen some of the acts at Mothers in Erdington Blodwyn Pig,  Bonzo Dog,  Edgar BroughtonAynsley DunbarFamilyLiverpool SceneThe NiceThe Pretty Things…. had just bought Nashville Skyline for 32/6".

Apart from having an amazing memory for detail, (how can he possibly remember Nashville Skyline cost 32 shillings and six pence, £1.50 in todays money) he may shed a smidgen of evidence on things.  I don't know if Pete would describe himself as working class, we both went to a catholic boys grammar school, and he didn't spend all his working life delivering bread, as I didn't spend all my life as a bus driver, (it was a very rock and roll thing for Grammar boys to do for a year or so'  a sort of working class internship) , though I extended my driving wheeze by considerably more than a year.

Also I dont know if Pete would have described himself as a hippy. but he wasn't in the south of england that weekend.......................however I admit it's  unclear whether he had Prince Buster on his dansette.

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