Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bob gets a gong

I havn't written, or painted for that matter, anything about Bob Dylan lately, as the jazz muse descended on me earlier this year.  However I did enjoy seeing Bob lay hands on Barack Obama recently.  I commented elsewhere that Obama was brave to honour the counter culture kid in an election year, and sure enough American right wing shock jock Michael Savage proved me right by describing Dylan as the man who degenerated America and then went on to  describe either Dylan or Obama as a phoney communist (the demonic tone makes it unclear), (here.)

However I very much doubt if the rantings of Savage will cost Obama or Dylan (or anyone) sleep.


  1. Yeah, I watched the video of the award ceremony, but poor old bob seemed a bit camera shy with his shades on, and never said a word even though Obama said he was a huge fan of his. A disappointing show!

  2. Have to disagree Peter. It was a classic Dylan performance, say nowt and act mysterious!