Sunday, April 22, 2012

And revolution in the air

We watched the film 'The Help" last night, and I thoroughly recommend it, although some aspects of it made me wonder. The episode with the chocolate pie played more for entertainment than real drama. If you haven't seen it  do watch it and let me know what you think, particularly about the pie. You can see a trailer if you click here.

There was a version of bob dylan's "Don't think twice it's alright" in the soundtrack which I didn't recognise. I'm sure it wasn't the Freewheelin' version. Anyone know where it came from?

Dylan was reported in the press as having requested a meeting with Nicholas Sarkozy after his last Paris gig here.  Whilst it is worth comment that Dylan can still pull in the big wigs, I do hope he just wanted to eye up Carla Bruni,      and yes........ Even the President of the French Republic must have to stand ................................ next to his wife, who is considerably taller.

Not being sure brings me untidily to the first round of the French Presidential election. Whilst cheering the fact that the odious and tiny Sarkozy looks to have lost,  of course it all depends on where votes get switched in the second round, I was also immensely heartened to hear the Front de Gauche candidate Jen Luc Melenchon eulogising "la classe ouvriere",  a phrase that Ed Miliband would certainly blanche at.

Either way it looks as if Europe is headed for more "interesting times" not least by the size of the vote for the extreme right wing Marine Le Pen.  Sarkosy and the Front National both know the value of trying to de-demonising right wing politics, as does Dave 'hoody' Cameron.

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