Sunday, March 25, 2012

winter would have no spring

It's a bit early for homegrown tomatoes, but the warm sun made me think of them.  The sun changes how I see the world, from sitting here last november thinking how will I get through the next four months? I am suddenly thinking how can I stretch out the next 6 months ?

Well one way would be to watch less TV, and now with lighter evenings that must be a resolve. However I did find myself watching BBC's The Voice last night. One feature which caught my attention was the way in which Will i am handled the fact that none of the first 6 contestants chose to go with him. Now if it had been me, I would have been in pieces by then, with all sorts of anxieties about rejection. Will may have felt that, but he didn't show it, even when the girl who finally picked him said something to the effect that 'people will think it strange picking him".

In the larger scheme of things do such moments matter?. Probably not but may give you some insight into
both me and Will i am

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