Friday, March 2, 2012

When destruction cometh swiftly

blogging is a funny business. You can assume you have an audience, but then if that is the case why do they so often remain silent. You can also assume that your talking to yourself and that can be a dangerous thing. If I adopt a confessional tone, and some one turns up, do I really want to share the contents of my navel with them? There are blogs out there that are all razz a mattazz full of information, blogrolls of their friends, links etc and they make you feel this person has his finger on the pulse, and if your not here then your nowhere.

I had a dream last night or it might have been a half awake moment. It concerned Len Mccluskey's threat to distrupt the Olympics. I asked myself what are the Olympics for? I  had a vision of all the concrete that has gone in the stadia and infrastructure being pounded by a billion sledge hammers and returned to its original state and given back to the earth it came from, like a time lapse film of the whole thing run in reverse. 
Then I saw athletes on the track, and a voice said "stop being silly your just running to see who can cross a line first, why are you wasting your time". I thought, when athletics first emerged in ancient Greece, they celebrated someone who could carry news fleet of foot from one place to another, or the person who threw their javelin furthest in battle.  Now they celebrate the competitor with the biggest sponsorship or the runner with the heaviest gold chain.

There will be a competition of sorts in London this summer with people scrambling for a hotel room or to get served in a zillion restaurants.  all that human endeavour .

My wife and I hope to get some tickets.

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