Friday, November 28, 2008

Bob Dylan Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again

i am sixty years old next april. i would rather like to mark the occasion by seeing bob dylan in concert. rumour has it he may be playing a big hall in berlin on my birthday. would it be too much to ask that he moves this gig and plays at a more intimate venue more suited to this special day?
if i'd had my wits about me when i was 12 years old i could have joined robert shelton at gerdes folk city in grenwich village and seen bob when he was starting out. instead i was too busy reading the hotspur and dreaming about ann jones who lived across the road.
if i'd been even more on the ball i could have gone to the newport folk festival in '65 and sat with all the other later day beats listening to bob play tambourine man, but instead i was struggling with the first page of das kapital, which had defeated harold wilson but not my sister chris.
so it was really remiss of me in '72 not to have hooked up with aj weberman and rumaged through bob's rubbish bin, looking for the holy grail. i was just too enthralled by driving a bus up and down the washwood heath rd and trying to get a glimpsed of that young woman who had bought me some chocolate.
by '84 when bob probably needed my help and advice i spurned him and his work completely, baby ruth has a lot to answer for.
in '97 ,when my mind wobbled bob did come to my aid when he put a paint
brush in my hand.
so in '09, BOB , i'll meet you in the albert hall in aston and you can jam for me with the notebenders. BOB I'M NOT GONNA ASK AGAIN


  1. I have nothing to answer for... I had nothing to do with it?!! And I hope the choclate lady you're referring to is my mom!!!! :oP

    '09- Bring back Bob... heaven help me!!!

  2. dotty you have everything to answer for but nohing to regret,
    bob has always come second to you and rightly so.
    the chocolates came from a young lady you know

  3. Glad you enjoyed the chocolates!
    Course I have no regrets! Living with Bob has been WONDERFUL!!!!

    The beanstalk is coming along- will send pics when figure out how to use phone!