Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bob Dylan All Along the Watchtower

since starting this project it has become evident that there is a veritable dylan industry out there and i guess i'm part of it. what does this say about me ? well, i dont feel myself to be an uncritial fan and altho' not many people have commented on my work i am an artist who is using dylan's work to explore my own feelings and observations about the world.
the world seems to be a pretty desperate condition at the moment. but desperate times do give the opportunity to bring change. can we assume this change will be easy or go in the direction we desire?, evidence seems to suggest not necessarily. this would therefore argue for a voluntarist prescription to try to precipitate change in the direction we deem to be best. clumsily put as it is this has been the approach of all activists in human history.
if we are passive then others will promote their solutions that conflict with our ideas. thus intellectual and political debate is justified.

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