Friday, November 9, 2007

so u visited my show... thanks

can i say a little about my style and approach to painting . i 'm an expressionist mark maker. i chose dylan as a theme as a tailor chooses a coat hanger , a peg on which to try and demonstrate my talent. this is not to diminish dylan he's a great poet, nor is it to aggrandise myself, i know my limitations. but u do need a jumping off point to sart work, some times i just push the paint around to get going, sometimes i just scribble anything to get the juice flowing. so this project is not a dylan fanzine but a personal response to his lyrics. dylan has always stressed process over product, journey before destination, so where i get with this work is less important than the road i'm travelling

to begin an idea. sometimes it realy flows easily like it did with "desolation row" easy light marks with a delicate touch. other times i realy have to work hard to make something that works like hattie carrol a painting of which i'm intensely proud. hattie was a very powerful and resonant song which touched very deep into my soul. it is also a masterful piece of reportage and lyrical narrative. joe 9.11.07

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